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​​​​​​​​Not just "any" major appliance repair service.  The most "affordable" appliance repair service                                                      ........on  thplanet! 

​"Yea, ...though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, ....I shall fear NO evil. 'Cause I'm the BADDEST APPLIANCE REPAIR GUY IN THE VALLEY!!!"  :D

Saving the world 1 household at a time!

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We repair appliances!


*We do appliance repair. Based in Shiawassee County in Lower Michigan, RoboJoe Industries Major Appliance Repair Serves the following locations: 
Bancroft, Burton, Byron, Corunna, Davison, Durand, Flushing, Gaines, Grand Blanc, Lennon, Linden, Morrice, Owosso, Perry, Swartz Creek, Vernon and all surrounding areas in and around Shiawassee County

Call RoboJoe Industries Major Appliance Repair at: (989) 666-5023


Owned and Operated by Joseph "Robo" Green.
Federal EPA License: Class A/Type "UNIVERSAL"  Technician
University of Arkansas/Quapaw Technical Institute Graduate Certification:  HVAC, Refrigeration, Physics, Thermal Dynamics, Electrical/Chemical/Physical       Mechanics, and Major Appliance Repair
Factory Specialized Training: Diagnostics, Operation, Maintenance, Technical     Design, Engineering, and Repair

Over 30 Years Commercial, Technical, Residential, Institutional, and Corporate   Field Experience

*It took an entire VILLAGE raise a RoboJoe!  lol

              Honest, dependable, affordable appliance repair!

​Give your repair work to me and the "service call" will be FREE! 

      1 year warranty on parts and labor! NOBODY else does THAT anymore! 

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