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Biography of RoboJoe

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Robo Bio

This is the story of RoboJoe.

Joseph J Green was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1963. He spent most of his younger years in the Upper Peninsula in Gladstone, Michigan. His parents were divorced when he was 10. Joe lived with his mother and two younger sisters. In 1974 they moved to East Lansing Michigan so that his mother could attend Michigan State University.

Things were not easy. Joe was not well adjusted. At age 14, a freshman in high school, he was small for his age, bullied on a regular basis by the bigger kids, had very few friends, and was not doing well in school. His mother was not stable. She was very overwhelmed with her studies and taking care of the kids. So, in an attempt to ease her burden, Joe ran away from home. A few weeks later when he had realized his mistake and tried to return, she would not allow him to come back.

Joe lived in the streets of Lansing for 2 years from age 14 to 16 during which time he went to high school to take showers. He had a guitar and he played music on street corners for money. He slept in enclosed bus stops, under highway bridges, on benches in Potter Park Zoo, in Riverwalk Park, in secluded places along the train tracks and the Red Cedar River, and in heated stairwells in dormitory entrances on MSU campus to stay warm in the winter. His father did not know that he had been abandoned or that he had been left without a home.

When he was 16, Joe got on a program called General Assistance. It provided him with rent money and food stamps and he worked at night doing maintenance at a church. He went back to high school, took summer school, and graduated one year late in 1982.

In 1983 Joe went to Lincoln, Nebraska and took a job with Lincoln Public Schools as a custodian in a junior high school. 2 years later he was promoted into the maintenance department and got married. 1 year later he became a First Assistant Building Superintendent. In 1987 Joe found out he had a son back in Michigan. Michael was 6 years old. In 1988 Joe went back to Michigan to find his son. In 1989 Joe found his son and his mother became sick for the first time.

Joe was working, going to Lansing Community College, studying to become a Massage Therapist, and taking care of his mother at home. In 1990 Joe's son's mother kidnapped his son and took him to Illinois out of fear that Joe would try to take him away. Joe's mother became gravely ill and he ended up having to take care of her at home full time. By 1991 Joe had found his son again and then Michael was taken away again to Wisconsin. Joe's wife had left him and he dropped out of school to work 2 full time jobs and continue to take care of his mother at home. Joe's mother passed away in 1992 on Christmas Eve.

Still owing back child support and feeling that nobody wanted him around anymore, Joe went to Hot Springs Arkansas and took a job with the Housing Authority doing maintenance. In 1994 he enrolled at University Of Arkansas Quapaw Technical Institute in HVAC, Refrigeration, and Major Appliance Repair. Joe became licensed in HVAC and certified as a Universal Technician and graduated in 1995, after which he immediately took a job as a technician working for Sears. A week before graduation, Joe had suffered very serious injuries from a major car accident - from which he has never fully recovered. Hence, the aquired nickname "RoboJoe".

After his first year at Sears, Joe was offered a job with a company called Best Brands Plus doing appliance repair for celebrities (in hiding) confidentially, where he stayed until 2001 during which time he became a semi professional musician, composer, and guitar player. He met his goal and paid off his child support in 2001 when his son turned 18.

In 2002 Joe came back to Michigan to find his son once again and for the last time. In 2003 he started his company RoboJoe Industries Major Appliance Repair. Joe got to watch his son get married and he now has 3 beautiful grandchildren. Joe ran his company out of a 1999 Buick for the first 5 years, after which he bought 2 trucks. One for doing service and one for advertising the company. He has continued to serve his community and work in this capacity ever since.

You can find out all about who Joe is and what he does by doing a Google search on RoboJoe Industries Major Appliance Repair. You can see hundreds of customer reviews by Googling "RoboJoe Industries Major appliance Repair Reviews". You can also check out Joe's company website and his company page on Facebook by the same brand name title.

Sometimes we do not know how much inner strength we have until we need it the most. This is the story of RoboJoe.

​*(Author's name withheld for reasons of privacy.)

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