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                          First of all: If I don't fix it, there's no charge!

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I take all the risk, so you don't have to! Well, my momma raised me right! I ain't tryin' to get rich. I'm just tryin' to carve my own little niche. She taught me how to share! She taught me how to care! She even gave me her gray hair! She taught me to always play nice in the sandbox! And she taught me that if you can't actually help someone, least don't hurt 'em! Charging a service call hurts people. So, I don't do that! And besides, takes away any excuse for you to try and take your stuff apart all by yourself. (lol) Save yourself the trouble and just call me! You have nothing to lose, and, just might actually get your stuff fixed "right"!  The "first" time!                               You save upward of $75 right off the top, ......just for choosing RoboJoe! :D

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Helping people  in a way that makes a difference! "I take very good care                                                   of my people!" 

*We do appliance repair. Based in Shiawassee County in Lower Michigan, RoboJoe Industries Major Appliance      Repair Serves the following locations: 

Bancroft, Burton, Byron, Corunna, Davison, Durand, Flushing, Gaines, Grand Blanc, Lennon, Linden, Morrice, Owosso, Perry, Swartz Creek, Vernon and all surrounding areas in and around Shiawassee County

Call RoboJoe Industries Major Appliance Repair at: (989) 666-5023


And, secondly:​​ Take advantage of our customer courtesy discount savings specials                                                    for home appliance repair!

                                                                          10% off for seniors!

                                                                  10% off for repeat customers!

                                                                 10% off for referred customers!

                                                                  10% off for having purple hair!

                                                                  10% off for telling a good joke!

                      10% off for showing us a really cool hickey or, a radical tattoo or a good card trick!

                      10% discount for taking a pictures of my truck ...and posting them on Facebook! :D
                                            10% off for any other reason that I can possibly think of! 
                                                                  Don't you worry about a thing!

If you fall through the cracks...well, try not to get injured. I'll find some way to include you anyway! (Limited to                                                                         one discount per household.)
                              I'll fix almost ANYTHING for around $100! And, ...after seeing my tax bill, 
                                                 ....I'll even do it "NAKED" for an extra $50! :D :/

Open noon to 8pm, Monday thru Saturday, there is no need for you to take time off from work just to get                                            something fixed! Payment methods accepted: Cash or Check

    RoboJoe Industries Major Home Appliance Repair Special Discounts:

              And remember folks: "Stay out of trouble!".   (Quote: From Robo Cop.)  ;)     (Trying to be cute.)  :D

                                                   (Is it working?)  :O     (Okay, ...well, ....maybe not.)  :/ 

 ​​​"So, the other guy first. Go ahead, ....and then call ME and SEE!" 

                                        That's: (989) 666-5023

           RoboJoe Industries Major Appliance Repair
              (989) 666-5023    
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