Thank you for encouraging my behavior. :)​​

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Hmmm. Ahh HAH! Well, ...allrighty then.  :D


I also don't do x-ray machines, breathing apparatus, dental equipment, lethal injection machines, lightning rods, circulation pumps, can openers, chiropractic contortion furniture, meat grinders, water-beds, water softeners, hand softeners, power washers, hot tubs, hangovers, treadmills, exercise equipment, brain scanning equipment, tanning booths, bicycles, bowling balls, box crushers, kites, hot air balloons, blimps, pogo sticks, cotton gins, flying disks, traffic lights, brick stretchers, flugal binders, farfel heimers, weed whackers, tally-whackers, or, ....any other kind of whackers .....for that matter. I don't do door knobs, gyroscopes, toilets, mopeds, mini-bikes, roller skates, milking machines, motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, boats, or campers. 

Polygraphs, three wheelers, quad-runners, marathon runners, road runners, or, any other kind of runners, fire hydrants, air horns, embalming equipment, hot tubs, computerized bath tubs, swimming pools, diaphragms, spectacles, sock garters, spatulas, electromagnetic laser guided satellite spy systems, jerky smokers, mortgage brokers, chicken chokers, cattle prods, pencil sharpeners, battery chargers, red hot pokers, rectal thermometers, slot machines, jock straps, excavation equipment, water bongs, jet skis, snowmobiles, underwire brassiers, saw horses, tractors, curtain rods, tomb-stones, combines, steam trains, smoke detectors, dye injectors, weed eaters, dung flingers, mud slingers, brick stre, oops, I already mentioned those, ...crock pots, slow cookers, tree limbs, jack hammers, water piks, paint compressors, lawn-mowers, roto-tillers, or ...any other kind of tillers, ....wrist watches, airplanes, migranes, or, helicopters.

There are no hidden messages here. These are all calls that I have had to refuse. :D Every time someone calls with something I don't fix, I add it to this list.  It's hard to grab on to the porcelain when you're floating around in a circle. :ll

I don't do telegraphs, heliographs, telescopes, binoculars, trinoculars, or quadnoculars.  I don't do particle accelerators, deccelerators, unccelerators, or nonccellerators. No, helmets, heating pads, phone chargers, spectrometers, chain saws, jig saws, circular saws, straight saws, crooked saws, hand saws (ouch), broken laws, jets, rockets, bombs, merry-go-rounds, robots, drones, surf boards, windshield wipers, spaceships, flying saucers, missile launchers or thermal nuclear reactors, or pretty much anything else that isn't on the things we "DO" repair list!

Think you can remember all this?

Oh yeah, and I don't do marriage counseling, and I can't cook! (jeeeeesss o peeeeeeets) 

It took the first 30 years of my life to figure out that a smoke alarm is not a good timer.

I can fix a washing machine, alright. No problem. But, I don't know how to use one. So I just take my dirty clothes over to Goodwill or Salvation Army. They wash 'em and I buy 'em back! Well, hey! It keeps them in business, and that's why I always smell so clean and fresh. AND it's cheaper than the laundry mat! lol

I just try to stick with what I do best! :D

Many people think that because I do appliance repair, I can fix absolutely "everything".  I'm sorry to have to say,! Well, ....hey. Nobody's perfect! 

Although I do repair many appliances, if I were to attempt to list even just a fraction of the things that I do not repair, (with a few exceptions) I think it would look something like this:

Things I do not repair:

I do not repair:  ---  TVs, VCRs, STDs, ATVs, ATMs, DVDs, computers, calculators, radios, stereos, CD players, remote controls, video cameras, satellite receivers, boot warmers, bread machines, telephones, answer machines, hearing aids, electric razors, clock radios, toasters, toaster ovens, electric tooth brushes, micro electronics, radar equipment, pinball machines, feminine hygiene products, sex toys, or detonation devices. So, please, do not ask me about these things. I just can't help you there. *Note: Sex toys and detonation devices are listed in the same category. This was not intentional! It just ...sort of ....turned out .....that way. (Go figure!)

I also don't repair fuel oil furnaces ever since the explosion. I'm lucky to be alive. I don't do blow dryers, beanbags, blenders, potato peelers, curling irons, sheep shears, waffle irons, elevators, escalators, bob sleds, slip and slides, electric skillets, meat grinders, coffee grinders, coffee makers, copy machines, electric chairs, vibrating massage chairs, flag poles, sewing machines, plastic mold injection machines, fishing rods, lightning rods, pretzel rods, rubber bands, marching bands, sonar, radar, radar detectors, fuel injectors, carpet shampooers, vacuum cleaners, ......okay, I have fixed a few vacuum cleaners. Oh, .......and if you shoot your testicle off with a handgun, do not call me! Go to the emergency room. Dipwad!  :ll

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