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Please allow me to introduce myself. ;)

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Hi. My name is Joe. I am an appliance repair technician. I started out with nothing but a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, ...and, over the years,  I built this company from the ground up, and tailored it especially for YOU ....in every little "microscopic detail"! :)

​It took me 5 years just to build this website. lol

Why do I fix appliances? Well, lol ...let me put it this way. It's very simple. You see, I used to bag groceries professionally, lol ....but one day I lost my job. I mean .....ok, well, I didn't really "lose" my job, don't get me wrong. I mean, I knew where the job still was. lol It's just ......I went in there one day and .......some other guy was doing it.  lol :/

So, ...now, ....I fix stuff instead.  :D  

Why do I love my job! Well, ...I get to meet new people every day. I get to go in their house. I get to tear up their stuff. I get to play with their house pets. lol And when I'm done, ....someone .....is usually pretty darn happy. ;)

Is it easy? No. By no means is it easy. Is it rewarding? ABSOLUTELY! 

THIS ...IS what I LIVE for. :)

lol Ummm, yeah. That's it. ;)

​As of right now, I am headed toward my 15th year doing commerce in this region. 

I want to very humbly thank all of you for being so open and kind, and making me a part of your family. It has truly been an honor and a privilege to serve you. It is your heart felt graciousness ...that has been motivating me .....to keep going for all this time.

Thank you all for so warmly welcoming me into your community, and being a part of my family.

I am so very proud and blessed ...to be at your service. :)

​                          ​A little bit about myself:

*We do appliance repair. Based in Shiawassee County in Lower Michigan, RoboJoe Industries Major Appliance Repair Serves the following locations: 
Bancroft, Byron, Corunna, Durand, Gaines, Lennon, Linden, Morrice, Owosso, Perry, Swartz Creek, Vernon and all surrounding areas in and around Shiawassee County

Call RoboJoe Industries Major Appliance Repair at: (989) 666-5023

e-mail: robojoesupertech@gmail.com 

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